Don Rindell

Managing Director of Camino International
Don Rindell is the Managing Director of Camino International, a consulting firm specializing in business development and drug delivery. Over the last two years Don has supported a number of key licensing agreements, and he has led device development programs for two multinational firms that included initial development of the programs, negotiations with vendors and ultimate oversight of the project. From 2005 – 2014 he served as Senior Director of Business Development for Amylin Pharmaceuticals, which was purchased by Bristol Myers Squibb. At Amylin, he lead a number of key global transactions including Shionogi Pharmaceuticals, BIOCON, Takeda Pharmaceuticals and several device delivery companies. Prior to joining Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Mr. Rindell had a successful consulting practice, during which time he served as Acting President of Medical Device Group, Inc., an acute care and respiratory company, and Vice President of Business Development of CardioNet, Inc., a “real-time” 24/7 cardiovascular monitoring company. His responsibilities included corporate marketing, mergers and acquisitions activities, product planning and new strategic initiatives. Prior to his consulting practice, he served as Vice President of Corporate Development & Strategic Planning of Advanced Tissues Sciences, Inc. (“ATS”), a La Jolla, California – based biotechnology company. Prior to his tenure at ATS, Mr. Rindell was the Vice President for Global Business Management of Braun/Thermoscan, a division of The Gillette Company. At Braun/Thermoscan, he played a major role in building its medical device business to achieve sales exceeding $170 million. Mr. Rindell was also employed by Hybritech, a division of Eli Lilly and Company as Executive Director of Sales and Marketing. Mr. Rindell received his B.S. degree in Economics from the College of Wooster and an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University Graduate School of Business.

Charlie Rodi, PhD

Founder and CEO of RhoDx, Inc.
Dr. Charlie Rodi is Founder and CEO of RhoDx, Inc., a company dedicated to the early detection of cancer through screening using cell-free nucleic acids. He has over thirty years of experience leading projects in both Big Pharma and Biotech start-ups, which includes leading high-throughput sequencing and genotyping organizations and a CLIA lab as well as technology and assay development groups. Dr. Rodi has brought products to the marketplace for genetic analysis and molecular diagnostics at Sequenom and Trovagene. While at Monsanto/GD Searle he was a member of both the Genomics Leadership Team and the Genomics Business Team and led the New Technologies Initiative. He has led teams involved in cancer diagnostics, screening for anti-inflammatory drugs, and the development of antineoplastic drugs. Previous positions include Director, Monsanto Genome Sequencing Center; EVP, Genomics at Sequenom, and CTO at Trovagene. Dr. Rodi received a Ph.D. in Cellular and Developmental Biology from the University of Minnesota.

R. Scott Struthers, PhD

CEO of Crinetics Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Struthers is Founder and CEO of Crinetics Pharmaceuticals Inc. Prior to Crinetics, he was Senior Director and Head, Endocrinology and Metabolism at Neurocrine Biosciences. There he initiated and led the company’s efforts to discover and develop orally active, nonpeptide GnRH antagonists. This resulted in a first-in-class compound, elagolix, which has demonstrated safety and efficacy in over 40 clinical trials totaling more than 3,000 patients. Prior to Neurocrine, he co-founded ScienceMedia Inc. to develop eLearning solutions for the life sciences and higher education markets and led contract research efforts at Biosym Technologies to develop and apply computational tools for drug discovery and structural biology. Dr. Struthers is also a co-founder of the San Diego Entrepreneurs Exchange (sdentrepreneurs.org) and currently serves as it’s President. He is an author of more than 75 scientific publications in the fields of computational and medicinal chemistry, endocrinology, receptor biology and clinical pharmacology. He holds Ph.D. in physiology and pharmacology from the University of California, San Diego.